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Breast Cancer Awareness "4 Rach"

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Breast Cancer Awareness "4 Rach" - 20mm is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Here at Mushi, breast cancer awareness is something we have a deep passion for. This strap was added to the catalog for the sole purpose of helping spread the word and stress the importance of checkups. Too many loved ones are affected by this horrible disease and at Mushi we've had a few. 

Some of you might wonder what the "4 Rach" logo on the underside of the buckle is all about. This is merely a show of support to our sister Rachel. She's an amazing sister/mom/aunt/friend and never deserved to get this horrible disease. Luckily she's a fighter and has made it through treatments. Take this opportunity to show your support for the people in your life and also for Rach.

Our "4 Rach" strap is made from premium grade nylon, with high quality polished steel hardware, engraved with the Mushi™ logo on the buckle. 

As with all our products, you can take advantage of our 100% refund policy which is detailed here.

Color: Pink
Width: 20mm
Length: 280mm

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Great strap. Super comfortable.