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Canvas Strap - Black

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Our waxed canvas strap is the perfect accompaniment to any military or tool inspired watch. These straps are made from premier quality canvas, built to last and patina over time. All of our canvas straps come with a high grade, Mushi engraved stainless steel buckle. 

*Owners Note* These straps are  somewhat stiff at first due to the wax that has been applied to the canvas. After a couple of times of use, this strap will be one of the most comfortable straps you own. 

As with all our products, you can take advantage of our 100% refund policy which is detailed here.

Color: Black
Widths: 18/20/22mm
Length: 120mm*80mm

Customer Reviews

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Continued satisfaction

Before the change of ownership, I bought the olive and khaki canvas strap and was highly impressed with the both the construction and wearability.

With the relaunch of the site, a black canvas strap was introduced. Had to pick one up. And continued satisfaction with this third colorway. As soon as additional sizes are offered, I'm sure I'll be picking up more.