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Strap Changing Tool

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An essential piece of kit for changing straps, and removing spring bars.

Our strap changing tool is made out of high quality steel, so it wont let you down. One feature you'll definitely appreciate are the removable caps on each end. By having removable caps it will allow you the freedom to put this tool in any bag without worry of getting poked. 

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Customer Reviews

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Miguel Depaz
Great tool to have!

Bought this spring bar tool about a month ago. The screw in caps make this a great travel piece. If you are heading on a trip, this has to be in your watch kit.

The fork side is a bit larger than I am used to, and I have some concerns over it's use on some watch bracelets. The pin side is perfect. The tips thread into the main body, thus making them replaceable when they get worn or worse damaged.

I do wish the tool was a bit shorter overall. It unfortunately doesn't fit well in the pocket of the Mushi Watch Roll. When it's in the pocket, it doesn't really allow the top flap to fold down enough. This is a minor quibble given the screw in caps, so it can be tossed into a bag anywhere without risking damage it items in the bag or the tool itself.

For the money, this is a great watch tool to have around.